Being A Rule Follower

In order to get through my day with a minimum of fuss, muss and personal damage, I have resorted to being a hard-core rule follower.  However, this doesn’t mean I trot through life always driving under the speed limit and never rocking the boat.  (I’ll be the first to admit that I have probably made over 100 illegal u-turns in my life).  It just means that I have had to make some personal rules, just-for-me, that I vow never to break.

One example is the ever important, used-several-times-a-day “don’t button your shirt or do anything else when walking down the stairs” rule.    The results of not following this rule are easy to guess.  And, as such, you would think I would have “learned my lesson.”  And I finally did.  So I made that rule and anytime I am tempted to brush my teeth, talk on the cell phone or button my shirt going down the stairs, my brain immediately flashes to the results of not following the rule and stops the behavior.  Saving me from another bumpy ride down the stairs and a set of glorious bruises.

I have noticed that most of rules tend to be in the avoiding personal injury line–the “always wear shoes in the basement” rule and the old stand-by “don’t run with scissors” rule. Or they fall under the heading of mess prevention–like the “no drinks without lids in the car” rule and the  “only drink red wine when wearing black” rule.  Of course,  I do have a few that are just silly such as the “never buy shoes that have laces” rule.

I’m pretty sure everyone has these types of rules, I’ve just never heard anyone else talk about them.   What are your “rules”? And why do you have them?

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