Student of Social Media

You’ll never hear me call myself a guru of anything.  I’ve always been a life-long learner type of person…curious about the things I don’t understand. Constantly questioning (much to my husband’s chagrin) everything.  I’m fascinated by details and problems and potential solutions.

That’s why I think that it would be more apt for me to be a student of Social Media, not a Guru, a Founder or even an Expert.  That way I can employ the mindset of exploration and, at the same time, keep close to the pain of learning that so many of my clients are experiencing with Social Media.  After all, I’m probably one of the few PR people willing to admit it IS overwhelming.

Every single day there is something new created and unleashed in the world of technology–be it good, bad or ugly–it’s there taking up space and time.  And so many of my clients don’t have time to figure it out.  That’s why I’m paid to be the voice of reason and in many cases tell them, “yes, it’s cool, but no, it will not have a positive impact on your business.”

Or worse yet, it IS cool and it CAN have a positive impact on your business, but ONLY if you give it time and attention.  Those two items are in short supply for everyone, but even more so for entrepreneurs.  I think that it may actually be required that you be ADHD in order to start a company (although I’ve found with enough coffee, I can recreate some of the same symptoms).

However, back to my post.  I think I’ll just focus on being Curious Jill and leave the guruing to someone else…

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