Mission Reminder

As I sit in my office on an overcast day, it’s a little hard to get motivated.  I’ve learned from experience that I just have to stop piddling around and do something to get me back on track–>a mission reminder.  As in, why am I here and what should I be doing with this amazing gift we call life?  For those of you who are fortunate enough to work for social services agencies, this may be as easy as calling or visiting a client.  For the rest of us, it may take a little more work.

Here’s some of the activities that have helped provide me with a “Mission Reminder” when I need to get renewed and unstuck:

1) Call up your favorite client and ask them what is the single most valuable thing you’ve done for them. I promise that you’ll be glowing when they are done.

2) Review past success.  If you are in PR, this can be published articles, photos from a special event or even autographed photos of your hero(s). A little back patting can go a long way on a day when you’ve lost focus.

3) Go to the library or the nearest bookstore and pick up a book or magazine that you’ve never read before.  Find something that amazes or delights you and act on it.

4) Take a dear friend or a family member to lunch for no reason. Discuss hopes and dreams.

5) Create a Twine that allows you to track all the cool things that you stumble across on a daily basis that may have nothing to do with your work, but are strangely seductive just the same. Visit often.

6) Create a personal mission statement.  It doesn’t have to be cool or long or even use big words.  It just has to reflect what you want to accomplish in your life.

It’s really easy to get consumed by a massive “to do” list and OPP (other people’s priorities), so when you feel yourself slipping under the onslaught, take a moment to remind yourself about your life purpose. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.


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