I’ve spent the last two weeks eagerly looking forward to an international conference that I’m going to be attending in Long Beach, California this week.  I’ve been touching base with various friends, setting up times to get together and working  on some projects that will probably result in more business.  But most importantly, I’ve been anticipating spending time with some of the most forward thinking, energetic and positive people who I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with.

This is one amazing group of individuals!  At the risk of making it sound like a cult, they have amazingly creative ideas and thoughts and actions that make the rest of my year seem a little dull.  Some of the top business brains in the world will all be gathered in one place talking about social responsibility, business growth and the changing paradigms of our world.  It must be a little like mainlining heroin, the rush of being with all these people generating so many ideas is unbelievable. And I get to spend four whole days with them!

So prepare for the onslaught of ideas…

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