BNI Intl Conference Brings New Countries & Ideas to the Table

For the last decade I’ve been privileged to be able to work with BNI Executive Director Hazel Walker.  If you know Hazel, you know that being with her is not always a just wild ride, but an interesting one as well.  Over the last six years I’ve been attending the annual BNI International Convention with Hazel and the other Indiana BNI Directors.  Out of all the conventions I’ve attended during my professional career, I have to say that this is one of the most diverse and educational.  Much of what I learn is outside of the sessions and over a drink, but that doesn’t de-value the experience at all.

BNI is now represented in 43 countries and has thousands of members world-wide.  When I first started attending the conferences, there were only 20 countries represented.  Today, practically anywhere you want to do business, BNI can help make a connection for you.

This year, I made a point to try to capture some of the highlights of the conference on video.  Below is an excerpt from the opening session and a brief interview with Richard Swan, the creator of the BNI song.

I’ll be posting more video from the BNI International Conference soon, so you can use the RSS feed to stay tuned for more conference highlights or just check back in.



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4 responses to “BNI Intl Conference Brings New Countries & Ideas to the Table

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  3. Hey,
    Great post – I have added an article on my blog and put in a link. Good to catch up last week.
    All the best


  4. Graham Skinner


    Enjoyed heckling with you at the conference!

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