The Art of Procrastination and Getting Things Done

I had the great, good privilege of being able to attend a workshop by Dr. David Wantz of the University of Indianapolis earlier this week.  In the course of his presentation he hit on the idea of using procrastination to your advantage and I suddenly remembered this very old blog post  that I written (from a long, long ago BNI blog).  I thought it might be appropriate for this time of year when everyone gets overwhelmed, so, after dusting it off, here it is again.

I have a real talent for procrastination.  Like many of you, if there is something I HAVE to do, I can come up with 62 other things to do instead. It’s not usually an admirable trait or one that is sought after by employers, but if you harness the energy of procrastination, you CAN make it work for you.

1)      Forget all that eating a frog stuff (if you don’t know what I’m talking about go to and look up “Eat that Frog”).  Instead of trying to get your hardest task out of the way first, find a harder task to do that you would like to avoid even more than your original task.  It’s all about perspective.  I usually find that the dreaded task just needs a basis of comparison AND you still have a task you can avoid.

2)      Make a game of it.  Sometimes when I just can’t get moving on something I’ll open up an on-line game with a short play time between levels, for example has dozens of solitaire or puzzle games that average a couple of minutes a round.  I’ll play one round, then do one little part of my dreaded task.  Then I’ll play another round and do another part of the task.  I continue this process until I am done.  Again, not the most efficient method, but at least I got the darn project done!

3)      Forget about it!  Sometimes if you put something off long enough, it turns out to be a blessing in disguise.  Either you avoid doing work that didn’t need to be done or priorities have changed and you have saved some time and hassle.  This is obviously a little dicey, but I have had more than my fair share of tasks that I REALLY didn’t want to do fall into this category.  Maybe I’m just intuitive about what the best use of resources is (which is another blog) or I could be a world-class procrastinator.  Either way, it always feels good to mark something off your list without having to do the work!

And, yes, for the record, I AM avoiding something else I don’t want to do by writing this blog!

Until Next Time,

Your PR Chick

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