Reporting from the Front Lines of Life

It’s been over 390 days since my last post on this blog, so I thought I would kick 2012 off with my good intentions to get back to writing and bring everyone up to speed at the same time. Happy New Year!

You know that old saying, “Man plans, God laughs”? I am happy to say God had a lot of laughter from this quarter over the past year.  When we closed down the non-profit I was heading in December of last year (because the project was complete), I had HUGE plans, that I shared with everyone, to “test-drive” retirement for a whole month.  Take time off and do only things I wanted to do, nothing else.

So we kicked the year off with a cruise because that seemed like a great way to start retirement, wouldn’t you agree? We took the “Love Boat” cruise to Mexico and enjoyed all of those fabulous ports of call from one of my favorite childhood TV shows.  My parents were on the cruise with us and I had the thrill of introducing my Mother to snorkeling and we both para-sailed for the very first time. What a Blast!

It’s a good thing I started the year off with a bang, because what followed was a year of chaos that I wouldn’t have been able to create, even if I was a really talented sitcom writer.  Devastating family illnesses that included an unprecedented nine surgeries, disaster responses of biblical proportions and even meeting President Obama on the front lawn of the White House were just some of the high- and low-lights of the year 2011.

Being invited to the White House was amazing!

However, between the tears and the laughter I learned a great deal about myself, my family and my friends.  In this vein of self-discovery, I share these lessons with you:

  • I learned that I can trust my husband to pack the clothes I need for a business conference, a feat that still leaves many of my friends (and his) dumbfounded.
  • I learned that humor will get you through just about the worst days of your life.
  • I’ve learned that “quality time” can be found in unlikely places. Walmart, anyone?
  • I’ve learned that while we may have to “parent” our parents for a while, we also have to be willing to let them out on their own again.
  • I’ve learned to fight hard for my family, friends and values, even if others don’t understand why or think I am being too aggressive.
  • Most importantly I’ve learned that forgiveness is important to my sanity, the distance of time and place can help make many things more bearable and the lessons I remember best are the ones that I learned in the hardest way.

What does 2012 look like? Who knows!  I’m just along for the ride, hanging on for dear life and spitting out the bugs that get stuck in my teeth along the way. All I can say is that we’re off to a rip-roaring start!

What’s in your 2012?

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One response to “Reporting from the Front Lines of Life

  1. Leah Guinn

    I would be afraid to have Brett pack my clothes. I can only imagine…no, no I can’t.

    You really did have a year, didn’t you? Hope this next one is a bit more…placid, with only meeting-Obama-type moments! For me, I would just like things to go along as normal, finish the book by May…and lose about 50 lbs. As long as there are no great shocks in the offing, we’ll be ok. Have a great weekend!!

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