The Disaster that is my Twitter Account: Twitter Rules

Over the past two posts I’ve shared some of my “rules” for how I connect to others via social media. I’ve saved Twitter for last because I use it in a very specific way–for disasters. No, not of my making.

As a Red Cross public information volunteer, I primarily use my @RedCrossPRChick Twitter handle for sharing disaster preparedness and response information. Besides the obvious use of Red Cross in my Twitter handle and the care and attention to the brand that implies, I’ve found that I can only really manage about two types of social media at a time. Although I could tie all my accounts together, because of my varied rules for each type of social media, my audiences are very different and don’t necessarily want or need to know the same pieces of info or even have the need for the same frequency of interaction. So I save @RedCrossPRChick for sharing information when a disaster hits–whether I am deployed OR re-tweeting information from colleagues in the thick of things on the ground.

I try to stay engaged just enough between disasters to provide some value and stay front of mind, but reserve most of my interactions for times of disaster. Because of this, I tend to follow others on Twitter who are in the disaster response arena and can help me amplify my message when a disaster strikes.

As  for who follows me, because I want to push out disaster related messages, my profile is open and anyone can follow me. My followers are a bit varied and fall into international business professionals, communications/marketing/PR folks and then all the disaster related professionals.  However, I’ve noticed that the Twitter lists that I am on are mostly for Red Cross, disasters and non-profits.  Although I’d like to thank Nicole Underwood for naming her list “Commgurus” even if it is primarily for Red Cross Peeps (another of her lists that I am on), it’s a nice change of pace and very flattering.

That’s it, the last of my rules for the social media that I use regularly! Hope this made you think a little about how you use social media and your place in the SM world.

Before the next disaster strikes, be sure to follow me @RedCrossPRChick and be prepared!

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