What is DWPR?

Designed Write Public Relations, Inc (DWPR) is a full-figured, fun-loving PR firm that takes the business of Public Relations seriously, while avoiding the pitfall of taking ourselves too seriously.  We understand busy entrepreneurs, budget constraints and new technology.  We don’t talk down to you; we’ll make sure that everyone is talking you up!

“Jill Bode has done PR for me and my companies for several years. I love her creative ideas, her ability manage people and her desire for excellence. If you need PR work done or someone to come up with a great PR plan Jill is your person. I highly recommend her.”

~Hazel Walker, International Speaker

Over the years we’ve done PR work for number of industries including:

  • BNI Regions
  • Banking &Financial Services
  • Health Care
  • Computer Hardware & Security
  • Small Businesses

“I have had the pleasure of working with her through our mutual work with BNI and Jill exudes the fact that she TRULY enjoys interacting with clients and helping them expand their presence in the marketplace. Her creativity and attention to detail make her even more valuable in this fast paced arena of PR.”

~Trey McAlister, BNI Northern California Executive Director

Our specialty areas are:

  • Writing (website content, brochures, editing)
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing
  • Training (Media, Social Media, WOM)

“I highly recommend Jill for all your company’s PR needs. She has coached me on interview techniques and has written excellent press releases. If you want your company to stay front of mind and stand out…Jill is who you need to hire!!!”

~Erin Smith, President of Spotlight Strategies

We’d love to talk to you about how we might be able to work together. Leave a message in the comments with your email/phone and we’ll be in touch (all messages are moderated, so your info will not be made public).


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