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Social Media Vacation

After that headline you are probably envisioning another one of those crazy “niched” cruises filled with only people of a certain age or who like a certain band… Unfortunately, that’s not at all what I did.  Instead, I made a conscious decision to take a little over a month off from each type of Social Media that controls my life, …er, I subscribe to.

In order to avoid some type of septic shock to my system, I only took time off from a few of them at a time.  That is, until the last week of December…then I went, more or less, cold turkey.  Here’s why:

I realized I had gotten into this weird loop of living my life as though it didn’t count until I tweeted, posted or wrote about it.  Talk about screwed up!  I was so focused on thinking about how I would share what was happening to me right that minute, that I was missing a lot more interesting minutes.  I clearly needed an intervention!

However, the problem is, no one thinks that any of this is weird or wrong or even OCD anymore.  We have created this norm where it’s OK to text while having dinner with your spouse, it’s fine to post stupid (blackmailable) photos of your friends and people who we have never met in person are now our new best friends.

So, I did my own intervention.  I decided I had better get out there and live my life as though it mattered only to me.  I put down my Treo

Keep your iPhone, I love my Treo!

(I know, how unhip) and stepped away from my netbook and just went nuts!  It was really fun to BE in the moment.  Enjoying the fun and companionship for its own sake, instead of FaceBook’s.

I actually LEFT MY PHONE at home! Which, I have to admit, initially caused a kind of frightening deep-seated panic similar to thinking I might have left the stove on and the house would burn down.  But overall, it was good, really, really good!

And now, I’m back on the social media bandwagon (addiction) because it is important to my job & professional life.  But I think that I’m a little more restrained and perhaps you won’t hear as much from me in the evenings or on weekends.  I suppose you’ll just have to imagine what kind of trouble I’m getting up to–and that’s not a bad thing!


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