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Use “Actions that Achieve” to Get the Most Out of Your Visitors

Most BNI members understand that visitors are important to their chapter for a number of reasons—generating more referrals, providing access to new people and, most importantly, becoming new BNI members.  But even though visitors are extremely important to the health of a chapter, many of us fail to take them seriously.

Visitors at a BNI meeting can bring valuable new connections to your chapter and your business.

Visitors at a BNI meeting can bring valuable new connections to your chapter and your business.

What do I mean?  Here’s an example:

If I had a customer meeting that was 100 miles away from my home at 7 am tomorrow morning, do you think I would call to confirm that appointment today?  You bet I would! 

I wouldn’t want to risk driving all that way before the sun was even up to find out that my customer needed to reschedule because of a work emergency.  Yet, many of us fail to confirm attendance with our invited visitors the day before our weekly BNI meeting.

Suppose, to take it a step further, I confirmed ahead of time, but when I showed up at that early meeting, my customer wasn’t there.  What would you do? 

Of course, you would probably wait for the customer a few extra minutes and then you would call them to make sure everything was alright.  Do you do that when a visitor doesn’t show up for a meeting?  Or do you just think, “Well, it probably wasn’t a good fit for him anyway”?

Lastly, after that meeting with an important customer, do you follow-up with a thank you email or note?  How about someone who has taken the time and effort to visit your chapter?

When we invite visitors to our BNI chapter, we owe them the exact same courtesy as we would give any other business appointment and that means employing the Actions that Achieve:

  • Call the day before to confirm the appointment.
  • If someone doesn’t show up, call immediately to see if they are alright and find out why they didn’t come. Reschedule with them.
  • Send a Thank You note or email.

Get serious about your visitors and the business they represent, apply Actions that Achieve and increase your visibility, credibility and profitability in your chapter and business.


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The World’s Easiest Marketing Tactic-Part I

Reasons to Write

We know we should write them, we love getting them and they cost next to nothing, so why don’t more of us send out Thank You notes? I have heard everything from, “I don’t know what to write” to “My handwriting isn’t legible.”  But this simple little note could be the key to your referral success and be worth thousands of dollars a year, if not a month. Why would you leave that kind of money on the table?

Thank you notes come in all shapes and sizes. What matters is what you write on the inside.

Here are a few reasons I use Thank You notes:

  • Clients keep Thank You notes for years, often prominently displaying them on their desk or bulletin board—can you be any more top-of-mind than that?
  • For the cost of postage, a note card and five minutes of time I can cement a referral relationship that will generate income for months or years—referral partners know that I will treat their referrals with the same care and attention I give them.
  • Current customers who pay in a timely manner also receive thank you notes—this encourages them to pay quickly and improves our company’s cash flow.

If these reasons have motivated you to begin writing Thank You notes, congratulations!  Schedule an hour once a week and start capturing some of that money that’s been sitting on the table.  For those who need a little extra help getting started, stay tuned for next week’s Six Simple Steps to Writing Perfect Thank You Notes.


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